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The Curious World of Bugs

It has been ten months since Daniel’s book, The Curious World of Bugs was released by Penguin/Perigee, and sadly, it never hit #1 on any best sellers lists despite the numerous 5 star reviews on Amazon (honestly, none of our friends wrote them).  If you know someone who is interested in things that crawl, consider this as a gift idea and get a copy for your own bookshelf as well.  If you have read the book, consider posting a review on Amazon.  We can’t understand why Martha has still not booked an appearance.
Interestingly, our crack technical staff just informed us that in the past month, nearly 60% of the copies of The Curious World of Bugs that were ordered through our website links came from the Denver, Colorado area.  Can it really be that Denver is ground zero for entomophiles?

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