National Moth Week 2012: July 23-July 29

National Moth Week
Posted October 19, 2011

White Lined Sphinx

Hi Daniel…it has been a long time, so I hope all is well on your end. I visit WTB often and the site remains incredible! I sent an email to you about two weeks ago, but to a different email address so I suspect it wound up somewhere in cyberland. Julian Donahue suggested I reach out via this email so hopefully it will now connect. I understand you and Julian are neighbors. Cool, two bug guys as neighbors, what are the odds?
So,  I wanted to touch base about an exciting project we are working on. It’s called National Moth Week and is basically a cool way to spotlight moths and biodiversity. Hopefully it will bring a lot of people together with similar interests and turn on a lot of people to moths! We have a website up and running, though it needs work (like an interactive map, photos etc.) but its a start and is now being modified regularly to increase content and locations. Its at We’ve got a cool logo too. BugGuide, Discover Life, BAMONA and Moth Photographers Group are on board and Dave Wagner and John Himmelman have also lent their support and will likely run or coordinate events. There has been unanimous positive feedback about holding a National Moth Week next year from everyone we’ve reached out to. We are also talking to LepSoc, AES, ESA, and others about being partners. The more we can spread the word about moths and biodiversity, the better!
By a bit of luck, the date of National Moth Week corresponds with the LepSoc meeting July 23-29 2012. These dates were actually selected to correspond to the southern moth night events already planned down that way (in NC, SC, MD, VA, GA, FL). ( We didnt know that LepSoc was holding their meeting at the same time, but its perfect.
Since we started floating this idea about a few weeks ago, the support and positive feedback has been incredible. Peoplegroups have said they would hold moth night events that week in NJ, CT, MA, NY, AL, MI, WI, WA and likely in PR, CA and TX and that is only in the first week of promoting this! The goal is to have at least one Moth Night event that week in every state. I think we can do it and bring tremendous focus and publicity on moths and biodiversity and all the various groups participating. It looks like CT and Mass may have statewide Moth Night events during the week at multiple locations.
We would also like to partnercollaborate with as many groupsorganizationsindividuals as possible and WTB is perfect! We are basically going to be the cheerleader and clearinghouse for Moth Night events around the country. We see this as very different from the National Noth Night held in the UK that is very data oriented and formalized. With National Moth Week each Moth night can be whatever it is. A single person looking at moths at their porch light, to organized events designed to bring people together. They can also be simply for naturalist purposes or for serious data collection. Whatever the organizer decides works for them is fine.
We’d love to have WTB as a collaborator and link it to the website and Facebook and vice versa and have help promoting this . I think all of us together can do something fun and incredible to bring attention to moths and more broadly biodiversity. I think these events and National Moth Week might just be the perfect venue for raising environmental awareness across the country.
Look forward to hearing from you about this and hopefully WTB as a partner,  Dave
David Moskowitz

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  1. I call that one the Hummingbird Moth because it behaves exactly like a hummingbird. They always come out late afternoon towards twilight. They are so beautiful to see!


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