Mystery: Click Beetle is Prosternon mirabilis

Click Beetle? But what kind?
April 19, 2010
We found this unusual looking beetle on April 19, Sierra Nevada Foothills in California. We’ve never seen anything like it in 18 years living here. It has a velvety iridescent copper color with spots and does the classic click and flip when on it’s back like a click beetle. It’s about 1/2″ long. Thanks.
The Sherman Family
37°29′06″N 119°57′59″W / 37.485°N 119.96639°W / 37.485; -119.96639

Unknown Click Beetle

Dear Sherman Family,
We decided to post one last letter before going to bed, but we are not sure we want to spend time researching this species before posting.  It sure is a beauty.  We will try a bit tonight and attempt more searching in the morning.  Meanwhile, we always appreciate assistance from our readership.

Unknown Click Beetle

Eric Eaton provides the answer
I tracked it down!  I’m so proud of myself:
Prosternon mirabilis it is.  Nice click beetle!

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