Mystery Isopod

what is this?
dear bugmen,
enclosed you will find a strange animal i’ve noticed in lithuania last year in a window of a kavine baras, a bar in vilnius. it must be a kind of mixture between a woodlouse and a cancer and it was 18 cm long! it was taking a sunbath using a feeler to hold itself on the wall. don’t know was it alive or not… do you know what it is???greetings from berlin

Hi Mona,
We are researching your fascinating creature. It looks like a marine isopod to us, and we suspect it was placed in the window of the bar, dead, as a conversation piece.

Update: (02/14/2008) Mystery isopod answer
I was having a look at your sow bug area and I saw the photo of “Mystery isopod ( 20/03/2006 ). It is a marine isopod called Saduria sabini.
Alberto Delrio

Thanks Alberto,
We love getting old mysteries solved.

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