Grasshopper from the Amazon
May 26, 2010
This was commonly seen in our hikes in the Manu Jungle, upper Amazon Basin, Peru.
Don Brown
Manu National Park, Amazon Basin, Peru

Monkey Grasshopper

Hi Don,
We don’t recognize your Grasshopper, but perhaps one of our readers can assist.

Karl Supplies an identification
Hi Daniel and Don:
The small size, short antennae and particularly the splayed out hind legs are all characteristic of the family Eumastacidae. The common name for the family is Monkey Grasshoppesr or Monkey Hoppers; sometimes Airplane Grasshoppesr. This is a fairly large family of hoppers with many species throughout the Americas, particularly in the tropics. This one looks very much like Paramastax nigra. If that’s not the exact species, it is most likely the correct genus. It’s a very nice photo. Regards.

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