Mysterious Nest from India

Subject: Is this a insect egg nest?
Location: Chennai , India
March 2, 2013 10:26 pm
Hello Daniel ,
Thank you very much for helping with previous queries.
Here is another photograph which looks like some insect egg nest or cocoon approximately 1 cm in size. It was attached to the backside of the leaf. Apart from other things used to construct this structure you can see one shell and a piece of polythene sheet.
I saw a small shell attached to another similar nest. Was this done purposely or it’s just a coincidence.
I went through your website and read about bagworm. Is this related to bagworm?
Signature: Seema Swami

Mysterious Nest
Mysterious Nest

Hi Seema,
This pile of debris does have the appearance of being a deliberate construction, but we are uncertain what creature could have made it.  It is NOT a Bagworm.  It most closely resembles the protective covering constructed by the larvae of certain Neuropterans like Lacewings.  Some Lacewing Larvae construct a protective covering that includes the remains of their meals.
We do not believe this is a nest to protect eggs.

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