Mysterious Legless Insect found on Table in Texas is Male Trig

Subject: Found dead on kitchen table
Location: Brazoria county tx
December 6, 2016 3:29 am
Found south of Houston tx in brazoria county in someone’s house already dead. First week of December. Even has hairs on its head. Has wings. It’s really creepy looking. No idea what happened to the legs either. Was found like that on a kitchen table dead. No animals live in the house.
Signature: Curious

Legless Insect
Legless Insect

Dear Curious,
Generally legless insects found in a home have been serving as “cat toys” prior to their death, so we can’t explain why this legless insect was found on the table.  Because of what appears to be an ovipositor, we believe this is most likely a Cricket or other Orthopteran, but the eyes remind us of a Jewel Beetle in the family Buprestidae.  We are going to guess that this is a Cricket with all its extremities removed, and we suspect it might have looked like this female Carolina Ground Cricket on BugGuide prior to mutilation. We have contacted Eric Eaton for verification.

Legless Insect
Legless Insect

Eric Eaton provides identification:  Male Trig
Hi, Daniel:
It is an adult male “trig” of some sort, or maybe even a ground cricket.  Here’s where I’d start:
So, yes, an orthopteran.
Hope you are having a lovely holiday season so far!

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