Mysterious Brazilian Caterpillar

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Hello! My name is José Antônio. I live in Brazil. I found this caterpillar (Megalopygidae) in a orange tree. Can you help me to identify the species? Thank you very much.

Hi José Antônio,
Sorry to have taken so long, but we have tried to contact other people to get you an identification.  Sadly we are unable to help you.  You probably know much more about your native species than we do since you have identified it as a Megalopygidae.  Our members of that group are known as Puss Moths.  The caterpillars often have poison spines and are called Asps locally, especially in Texas.  Good luck with a positive identification.  Please keep us informed as to what you find out.  You can always raise the caterpillar since you know its food plant and then see what type of moth emerges.  Have a great day.  Daniel

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    • We are not sure Cesar, except it is most likely a casualty of our site migration since it is a posting from 2003. We might be able to track down the original posting on our other computer. Thanks, but this is not a high priority for us right now since it involves a major amount of work to correct. Stay tuned for updates though.

    • Hi again Cesar,
      We located the old Dreamweaver file on this Brazilian Caterpillar and we have copied the original response to fill in the missing information. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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