Muskmare and unidentified Orthopteran

Two Louisiana Bugs
I was just wondering what kind of bugs these are so that I can avoid them at all costs, they are so ICKY!!!! The black bug was found out in the swamps in Louisiana; one of our guys put it in this box and brought it in. Later it ate through the box and escapes. The other bug was in the parking lot of an office building in Baton Rouge. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

Muskmare Orthopteran

Hi Ashleigh,
The parking lot insect is a Muskmare, a type of Walking Stick. They can squirt a noxious fluid that will irritate your eyes if you aren’t cautious. The critter in the cage is an unidentifiable Orthopteran, probably some species of Flightless Katydid. Nice pedicure.

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