Subject: Florida Palm
Location: Northeast Florida
September 27, 2014 2:51 pm
My husband and I just finished trimming back a palm tree next to our Florida room, and found this guy right inside the screen. He was maybe 3-4″ long, 5-6″ with antenna & was climbing up the door frame. The picture doesn’t show it, but his stripes are soft yellow and his antenna looked red. We’re in northeast Florida near the beach and marsh. Any ideas?
Signature: Señora Cardona


Dear Señora Cardona,
This is a female Two Striped Walkingstick in the genus
Anisomorpha, commonly called a Muskmare.  You should exercise caution when you encounter Muskmares, because according to BugGuide:  “Members of this genus can deliver a chemical spray to the eyes that can cause corneal damage”

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