Musk-Mare Walkingstick and her stallion

What’s this bug?
I have never seen anything like this bug. It literally looks like a piece of wood. Being that I’m in Florida, I don’t know if it flew away, hopped away or got eaten by something even bigger. By the way, does it bite? Does it eat wood? Yes, I still have a door! Or, is it just hanging around waiting for it’s next meal?

Your “It” is acutally “Them”. You have a pair of Two-lined Walkingsticks, Anisomorpha buprestoides, also known as Musk-Mares or Devil Riders because of their habit of remaining in coitus for extremely long periods of time, as witnessed in your photograph. Beware!! They do not bite but they can spray a noxious substance from their necks that is painful if it gets in your eye. We are toying with the idea of adding a “Sex” or “Love among the Bugs” page to our site and we will definitely use your image when that day arrives.

So my “it” was a “them” doing “it!” Too funny! Not only was your website helpful; but, very educational as well. Thank you so much for your help.

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  1. I have had these in my yard before about 7 years or so ago. I’ve been wondering what they were since because they didn’t come back til this year.


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