Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Subject: What IS this?
Location: Upstate New York
June 4, 2016 6:14 pm
I live in Upstate New York (the Hudson River Valley, to be more precise), and this spring, I started noticing these strange bugs in my yard. I’ve never seen them before this year, but I’m finding them ALL OVER THE PLACE. They are super strange, and I’m hoping you can help me out!
Signature: Sara

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Larva
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Larva

Dear Sara,
This is the larva of a Lady Beetle, and both larvae and adults feed on other insects.  They are generally considered to be beneficial as they eat enormous quantities of Aphids.  Your larva appears to be that of the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Harmonia axyridis, an introduced and invasive species, based on this BugGuide image.  Though they help control insect populations, they are crowding out native species of Lady Beetles, reducing their populations.  Adult Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles often enter homes in great numbers to hibernate, creating quite a nuisance for homemakers.  We will be postdating your submission to go live to our site next week while we are away from the office.

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  1. Do azalea lace bugs bite people? Do they live in Florida? Bugs that look like that bit me and it was terribly itchy and painful and it took big chunks of flesh out where they bit me…

      • Thank you. I don’t know then what it was that bit me here in Florida. It left big chunks out of my skin! It was kind of black and white with big legs for its size, looked like jointed legs, it jumped up on its legs to fly away. So horrid! I could see it housing to bite or sting like a mosquito…wish I had a photo!


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