Sceliphron caementarium in LA County – part 2
Location: E Los Angeles County
September 23, 2011 10:49 am
I sent pictures of the black and yellow mud dauber recently, and then discovered the mud daubed nest – mud huts? – for the larvae – at least I think so since these were on the inside of my garage door and the wasp was captured in my house. Now the connection is clear. I have never seen this carefully constructed wasp nest before so thought this might be a nice addition for identifying this wasp being in the vicinity. The nest was too high for me to put a comparison measure in the picture, but the tubes are about 1.5-2 inches in length and about 1/3-1/5 inch in diameter. The tubes are sealed in these pictures. About a week later, the doors were clearly open and tubes empty. When my gardener removed them, he broke open the mud and they were nearly hollow with only one dessimated carcass of a spider at the very end of one tube. Fascinating!
Signature: Fascinated in California

Mud Dauber Nest

Dear Fascinated in California,
Thank you for providing us with the image of the Mud Dauber Nest to accompany your previous posting of the adult wasp.

Location: California

2 Responses to Mud Dauber Nest

  1. John Toone says:

    I found eight of these gray mud nests inside and on my boat trailer drum brake back plate. There is an extremely small space between the drum and the back plate for the insects to get thru yet they got in and formed a nest and hopefully were able to get out.

  2. Maria says:

    I’ve removed these nests from my stucco using a scraper that you would typically use for removing ice from your car windshield. I have been bitten by a wasp on my front lawn with no provocation, so I remove them by first spraying with wasp spray, then scrape with scraping tool.

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