Mud Dauber Nest

Subject: What is this nest?
Location: Top of an outdoor window
July 9, 2017 10:34 pm
I live in Scottsdale, AZ and this nest was not here yesterday. What is it and should I leave it alone? I’m vegan so I will only rid it if it is dangerous! Thank you!
Signature: Tina

Mud Dauber Nest

Dear Tina,
This is a Mud Dauber Nest, the nest of a non-aggressive, solitary wasp, probably the Black and Yellow Mud Dauber, that is often found near sprinklers and swimming pools where it gathers mud with which to construct its nest.  It appears your nest is at the beginning stages of construction.  Eventually, the female Mud Dauber will add additional chambers and each will hold a developing larva and the paralyzed spiders that will provide its food supply.

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  1. Like the poster, I never want to cause harm to any living being. My question is about the black and yellow Mud Daubers who come into our Venice Beach home (doors always open), and make nests on the back of pictures hung on our walls? I no longer peek behind the pictures, rather just assume nest(s) are being built when I see the (real focused) female in a room in our house. The question is about the offspring- how many, how small, and their safe exit once born? Once in a great while, we close most our doors at night; will they be led out by Mama the next day?

    • The young will remain in the nest until they emerge as adults, at which time they will likely be found near doors and windows as they try to get outside.


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