Moving 39 Fry to Growout Tank; Lefty and Digitalis spawn and eggs turn white

Where we left off …
July 26, 2009

There should be 201 fry from various generations and parents in the grow out tank now.

Saturday August 1, 2009
I have currently captured 25 fry from the nursery aquarium to move to the grow out tank.  This is necessary since two days ago, I siphoned out a small quantity of fry from the community aquarium after allowing Boris and Media Luna to care for their hatchlings.  This would bring the total in the grow out tank to 226, given that there may have been some losses.

Also, yesterday, I noticed that Lefty and Digitalis had spawned again, and it was a large number of eggs.  Sadly, today all of the eggs look white.

I caught 14 more fry to move (total 240).

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