Mourning Cloak?

Hi. My name is Jacky, I go and visit my grandma every week and at her house she has this butterflie that she think got in when she brought her plants inside for the winter. we found and a put it under a strong light that gave him some heat and i gave him some friet jiuce and water. ( that is what i read on the internet to give him) he drank some of it and after sitting under the lamp for about one min. he was flying around. I would like to know what kind of butterflie he is though, i dont have a pictuer but i can tell you what he looks like. He is black with some orange specks on his back with yellow specks on the edge and some blue specks before the orange. it is hard to exsplain what he looks like but i hope you understand. I tryed to find some pictures but i cant find any. I would be really happy if you could help me out. THANK YOU.
-Jacky, Tolland CT

Hi Jackie,
While I can’t be sure based on your description, it sounds like your grandma has a Mourningcloak in her house. These butterflies hibernate, which could explain why it was in the house. Their scientific name is Nymphalis antiopa. Here is a photo I found online.

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