Mournful Sphinx visits Georgian kitchen

Subject: Moth
Location: West central Georgia
October 8, 2016 10:27 am
In my kitchen this morning in west central Georgia. Thanks!
Signature: ??

Mournful Sphinx
Mournful Sphinx

WE verified the identity of your Mournful Sphinx, Enyo lugubris, on Sphingidae of the Americas. As you can see in this BugGuide image, the abdomen of the male is a pointed “arrowhead” that is a distinctive feature evident morphologically in your image. According to BugGuide, it is an “Odd-shaped sphinx with almost straight median line, prominent round reniform spot. Coloration brown to greenish-brown. There is a distinctive bend in the median line just above the reniform spot, which differentiates it from E. ocypete. Trailing edge of forewing somewhat scalloped.”   Males tend to be attracted to  lights more than females, which is likely the reason this guy ended up admiring your bottom shelf.

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