Mount Washington Potato Bug

Potato Bug Found Under the Green Bin
Location: Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
September 28, 2013 1:57 am
Yesterday while doing yard work, especially cleaning up pine needles that accumulated after the Santa Ana winds on Thursday, Daniel moved the green bin and found this little beauty scurrying away.  Daniel scooped it up and held onto the clawing beastie while trying to find a suitable photo studio.  A two gallon crock with its slick sides seemed the perfect receptacle, and after a few photos, the Potato Bug was released in the garden.

Potato Bug
Potato Bug

Most Southern California Potato Bug sightings occur after the rains, so this arid weather sighting seemed a bit unusual.  Upon being released into the damp ground on the northern side of the yard, the Potato Bug dug beneath the surface in about 30 seconds. 

Potato Bug
Potato Bug

Julian Donahue Comments.
I often find them when digging in the yard, but when it rains they often get flooded out and become more conspicuous.
And I think you meant “pine needles” rather than “pine needs”?



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