Moss Mimic Katydid from Costa Rica

Subject: From Costa Rica
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
November 1, 2012 3:54 pm
Hello Bugman,
I found this strange looking bug (cricket?) on my water bottle in my house a few weeks ago at night. I took it outside afterwards. Thanks!
Signature: Chris

Moss Mimic Katydid

Hi Chris,
We have posted photos of Moss Mimic Katydids from Costa Rica before, and we are not certain if your individual is the same species.  We will contact Katydid expert Piort Naskrecki to see if he can verify this Katydid’s identity.

Moss Mimic Katydid

Hi Daniel,
Thank you!  I have asked several Costa Ricans and they have no idea what kind it is.  I looked at the link for the Moss Mimic and it does look similar but still somewhat different so I am interested in the verification.

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