Mosquito Tumbler

Mosquito Larva?
Hello Bugman,
I am wondering if this is a mosquito larva. I found it (and many other interesting things) in the water on the cover of our pool prior to us opening the pool for the season. There were also many tiny wiggly worms and even some red water mites. We had our own little swamp going in our backyard! The water doesn’t usually get so swampish, but we’ve had cooler than usual temperatures here, and the opening of our pool happened about 3 weeks later than usual. I have pictures of all of them, but will stick with just the mosquito larva (if that’s what it is) for now, for I know you are very busy. Thanks!
Barrie , Ontario

Hi Yvonne,
You have been such a loyal contributor for so many years, we try to answer your letters whenever possible. Mosquito Larvae are known as Wrigglers, and this is a Tumbler, a Mosquito Pupa. The name Wrigglers and Tumblers refers to their methods of locomotion through the water. BugGuide has a great photo of a Tumbler, ane we located another website with photos of the other stages of Mosquito Metamorphosis.

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