Mosquito Larvae

Subject: what is this
Location: south carolina
June 4, 2015 7:10 am
I found these in my dogs water bowl. I thought they were tadpoles until I took a closer look. Any ideas?
Signature: megan

Mosquito Larvae
Mosquito Larvae

Hi Megan,
Out of curiosity, how often do you change your dog’s water?  These are Mosquito Larvae and they are generally found in stagnant water.

I normally change it daily, but last week was crazy and I missed a couple of days…never again. Thank you for letting me know what they are. They have been in a jar for 3 days (and are now disposed of).

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  1. If you have mosquito larvae in a pot that is 3ft tall & 2ft diameter: circular. Pot holds small flowers. Holes were not drilled in it to drain and it is filled above the soil all the way to the top with water so the dirt is also soaked. looks like over a hundred mosquito larvae swimming around in that! I just found someone to Drill 5 holes at btm to drain it. But draining SLOWLY. advice to kill live ones if no bug killing spray…? This is at a senior citizen building!:-(


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