Mosquito Hawks

Lately I have been seeing some of the large mosquito-like creatures and am wondering: Do they really eat mosquitos? I’m talking about the ones that look just like mosquitos but are much lagers and fly with their legs dangling in an almost comical way. They never bother us excpt for an occasional tickle as they brush over an arm, and we are careful to not kill them, ushering them outside if the cat hasn’t already gotten them… Thanks. I just occasioned upon your web page thanks to google…

Dear Lou,
I’m so happy that search engine is doing what it is supposed to do, direct the curious to our site. You are talking about crane flies which though they are known locally in some areas as mosquito hawks, do not really feed on mosquitos. They have soft mouthparts incapable of biting. The Giant Crane Fly, Holorusia hespera, is one of the world’s largest flies with a 3 inch wing span. I’m also happy to hear we have a reader who knows how to cope with insect visitors in a kind and logical manner instead of just bombarding the entire environment with pesticides to no avail.

Thanks! I found a corroborative answer in further searching, Crane Flies! Never heard the name but known the interesting creatures all my life. And Mosquito Hawks are also names for dragonflies and Damsel flies. Fascinating photo article on Damsel flies in National Geographic recently, too.
Thanks, Bugman!

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  1. Thank you for having a page for info on such things as insects and bugs. These are things that my children and I talk about and often come up with questions about. I will be returning to your page when we wonder about bugs again. And it looks like you have some animal information on here too. Thanks again.

  2. so are you saying that there’s nothing to do about these crimes lies and just live with them their bombard in my entire garage and anytime I open the door they fly in

  3. Thanx for the info!! I’ve been wondering if they were what many people claimed……”the eater of mosquitos'” It seems I had read an article looong time ago that they were actually male mosquitos!!


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