Subject:  Bugs
Geographic location of the bug:  It was in my couch
Date: 08/10/2018
Time: 09:47 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman: Please help me bc the bugs bite and and itch’s
How you want your letter signed: Lisa


Dear Lisa,
This is a Mosquito and your couch is not a Geographic Location.  According to Sciencing:  “Geographic location refers to a position on the Earth.”  Your couch might be in Alabama or it might be in Zanzibar.

Facebook Posting from Paula Di:  I’ve never seen a mosquito that looks like this! What part of the world is this from? Thank you

It’s on a couch.  More than that is pure speculation.  Ed. Note:  That is no dig to Paula Di, but rather support of the need for actual geographic locations to assist in our identification process.


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