Mating Mosaic Darners

Subject:  Dragonfly
Geographic location of the bug:  Huff Lake, Bonner County, Idaho, USA
Date: 09/07/2019
Time: 01:07 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dragonfly cruising marsh shore of Huff Lake in north Idaho. Apparently mating. Can you identify it from the images?
How you want your letter signed:  Sailortom

Mosaic Darners in mating position

Dear Sailortom,
We believe these are Mosaic Darners in the genus
Aeshna which is represented on BugGuide.  Several similar looking species are found in Idaho, and we do not feel confident providing a species identification.  Though you indicate they were “cruising marsh shore” they do not appear alive in your images.

Mosaic Darner

Thank’s. I am happy with the generic ID. The images are of living Darners. They perched on a dock long enough for pictures. Then they linked up, I assume to mate.

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