Mormon Cricket

What species of Anabrus?
Location: Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado
August 5, 2011 3:53 pm
I caught this specimen in 2005. Only knew it as a ”Mormon cricket.” However, I know it’s an Anabrus sp.. However, I find on bug guide that A. simplex is found on the E slope of Colorado. This specimen was caught in Dinosaur National Monument on my way to field work there.
I’m thinking it’s not A. simplex because of the sheer size (my thumb is about 2” long) and dark carapace.
Signature: Fish Seal

Mormon Cricket, we presume

Dear Fish Seal,
We would not attempt to conclusively identify this Shieldbacked Katydid beyond the genus level of
Anabrus, however, if you did not express such specificity in your letter, we would have been perfectly comfortable identifying it as a Mormon Cricket, Anabrus simplex.  It is a nearly identical visual match to this individual, also a female from Colorado, that is posted to BugGuide.

Thank you.  I had checked BugGuide, but I did not see that photograph.  I would have to concur that it is indeed A. simplex.  Thank you so much for all you do!!

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