More Mating Slugs and subsequent Religious and Political Controversy

Slugs Having Sex
Dear Bugman,
I photographed these two slugs in an intimate moment near Chilliwack, BC. They didn’t seem offended; I guess their attention was otherwise occupied. Regards,

Hi Mike,
You might want to compare the technique of your couple to the French Slugs we just posted. We also can’t help but ponder how conservatives might view the fact that slugs are Hermaphroditic, so all couplings are basically “same sex”.

Dear Bugman,
The answer is simple: “Slugs are godless heathens and live degenerate, immoral lives. We should invade/bomb Slugistan to spread freedom and to keep them from coming to our country.” Regards,

Religion, Politics and Slugs
Dear Bugman,
I am writing in response to the following posting on your website. I am a proud Conservative Christian and feel l must say that although I enjoy your site, I do not wish to view it anymore. The fact that you yourself would make comments about “how conservatives might view the fact” and also take a step further to post the reader’s obvious anti-conservative and anti-war statements makes me question your site. I am not saying you do not have the right to post your comments or views, it is your website, and it is your right. I’m just exercising my right to not subject myself to rude comments from the left. It is an everyday right we know and a right the Iraqi people would never have known had our President not invaded their country. Leviticus 20:13 “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them.” Please do not post my full name or e-mail address. Thank you!

Hello Christina,
We are happy that you have freedom of choice and that you know how important it is for individuals to be able to make decisions. Every woman has the right to choose if she wants to view our site or not, as does every man. Should you choose to not view our site any longer, we will understand and will not try to force you to do so. For clarification, we never spoke about religion or left or right. Our site is about tolerance of bugs. Also for the record, slugs are molluscs, not insects, and there are no hermaphroditic insects. We personally are not terribly tolerant of slugs in our garden.
P.S. You are very lucky that your employer, Clark Consulting in Dublin Ohio, is tolerant of web surfing and proselytizing from the office computers.

Update (08/28/2006)
WOW! You guys actually posted my response? That took balls, or, perhaps, the non-gender-specific term “gonads”. I could have told you you’d get someone like this writing in in response, but I’m sure you already knew that, as you seem brighter than the average (non-denominational, apolitical, and morally neutral) bulb. Best wishes. Can I still submit pictures,or have I been excommunicated? Cheers,

Update (08/28/2006)
I also like the part where Christina talks about Bush “invading” Iraq. I didn’t realize it was an invasion; I thought it was a liberation.

Additional Feedback in praise of wit and humor
(08/28/2006) hehe….More Mating Slugs and subsequent Religious and Political Controversy
I’m relatively conservative and belong to a very conservative relgious denomination. But I personally believe that Christina takes things WAAAAY too personally. Please don’t let her sensitively reflect poorly on the rest of conservatives. I thought Mike’s note and yours were quite funny. Christina needs to get that bug out of her ass (pun intended).

Kind Words of Support
The person who states she will not visit your site again IS way too sensitive and needs to chill out—and she is definitely the one losing out on a good thing. Keep up the incredible work—it gives those of us who are fascinated with our cameras and taking pictures of wildlife, both large and miniature, an outlet to show off our stuff. Thanks again

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  1. These comments are hilarious!maybe someone should start a group called conservatives and Christians against slug sex (CCASS).just watched slug porn in real life,but these comments are even more entertaing.thank you!!!


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