More Caterpillar Hunter Larvae in Texas

Caterpillar, Worm or WHAT?
Location: Texas
April 17, 2012 12:15 pm
Can you tell me what this is? They are everywhere! Is it a beautful butterfly waiting to be born? Or something dreadful? I’ve found 2 in the house and there are lots of them around the neighborhood. I’ve never, in all my 51 years seen one before.
Signature: Michele

I want to feed it, but not sure what I should give it.  tried putting a tiny bit of water in the enclosure  It ignored.  Tempted to turn it out into the wilderness, but so many neighbors are reporting stepping on and squashing them, I am afraid.  Want it to survive!!!

Caterpillar Hunter

Hi Michele,
We just posted a photo of a Caterpillar Hunter Larva from Texas.  Based on your letter, there is a population explosion, possibly due to a large number of caterpillars this season, and you should expect to see adult beetles in the near future.  Caterpillar Hunters eat caterpillars.  Nature has a way of balancing out the populations of natural predators and their prey species.

Thanks SOO much!  I asked everyone I knew and even strangers on the street what it was (I carried him around for a few days!).  NO one had ever seen one.  AND, I would have NEVER though to have fed him caterpillars.  Glad I set him free to do his job!

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