Monkey Slug

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I always go to your site when I have a bug I don’t know (disturbingly, it happens a lot not because of lack of knowledge but because of our multitude of bugs!!). My son and I LOVE your site!!! We can view all the strange bugs that are cool and gross and creepy and cute. Anyway, thought you might want to add this shot of a Hag Moth we found in a bush in our front yard. I Identified it in part with your website’s help-Thanks. Luckily I did NOT pick it up as I had intended to do because I just learned they sting and it is not a nice thing especially in those prone to allergic reactions (me). Anyway-our family loves your site. Keep up the great work and I am sure eventually I will find something you haven’t already identified and will send it your way.
K. Ackles
Friendswood Texas

Hi K,
Your photograph is such an interesting angle on the Monkey Slug, another common name for the stinging Hag Moth Caterpillar.

2 thoughts on “Monkey Slug”

  1. I found a slug that looks like a monkey or mongo slug. It was on my head and now it itches
    Like crazy. Do they lay eggs?
    I drove a convertible to Charlottesville , va and parked under trees. Must have picked it up there


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