Monkey Slug Caterpillar

pink monkey slug in Pa.
Dear Daniel-
As I was waiting to get my kindergartner off the bus, I spied
this weird pink leafy thing on my mailbox. Imagine my surprise
when it moved!! I raced to get my camera and snapped a few
pictures. I didn’t want to touch it because I was afraid of
it stinging. Then I gently pried it up- this thing is sticky!-
to get a look at the underside. Very cool. I found the image
already on your site, but mine is a nice shade of pink. The
mailbox is under a large oak tree, which fits the information
I found on it. Enjoy!
Lee Weber
Nottingham, Pa.

Hi again Lee,
You were wise to not carelessly handle the Monkey Slug Caterpillar,
as it is one of the stinging caterpillars. This unusual caterpillar
is one of the most un-insectlike insects we can think of.

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