Monkey Slug from Brazil is Lagarta-Aranha

Subject: weird bug
Location: Marechal Cândido Rondon, Paraná state, Brazil
January 2, 2016 9:21 am
Hi there,
I live in Southern Brazil and I found a very strange bug on a cherry tree, during the summer (about 90F), in the morning. I am very curious because I have never seen something like it. It moves slowly (well, at least after I kicked him) and it is very hairy. Here are some pictures.
Thank you!
Signature: Sincerly

Monkey Slug
Monkey Slug

This looks similar enough to a North American Monkey Slug that we believe your individual is also a member of the genus Phobetron.  When we previously posted a similar image from Brazil, we learned that a common local name is:  “‘Lagarta-Aranha’ something like ‘Spider Catterpillar’ in English.”

Monkey Slug
Monkey Slug

Fantastic! I was really puzzled about that bug!
Thank you very much!

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