Monkey Slug and Homepage issue

Subject: An observation of the Home Page
Location: No. Va
September 4, 2012 1:50 pm
Greetings – Have just happened onto your page in process of trying to identify what turned out to be a Hag Moth larvae which dropped onto my hand today. Will doubtless be back – very useful sight – especially for nat’l science junkies.
I will attach a screen shot of the top left area of your home page which is somehow missing some of the text to tell us what we need to click on to reach the ’Ask WTB’ and ’Bug Love’ linked pages. (Have worked on websites – not a techie, but writer/editor and pay attention to such stuff.) Thought I’d share the info in case you hadn’t seen it. Thanks…
Signature: Sue Hodapp

Monkey Slug

Hi Sue,
We are happy you were able to identify your Hag Moth Caterpillar, commonly called a Monkey Slug, thanks to our website.  As a side note, we accidentally hit the “t” instead of the “g” when naming the Monkey Slug and we needed to correct that error prior to posting since we try our best to maintain a G rated website.  Thanks for bringing the homepage problem to our attention.  We will copy our crack webmaster on this matter to see if he can get to the root of the matter.  We just checked it out on our Safari and Firefox browsers and it is fine.

WTB? Screenshot with technical problem

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  1. Hi Daniel
    Regarding your homepage glitch, I see the same thing, but I had always put it down to it being a peculiarity of my netbook computer with its very small screen. I am using Windows 7 Starter Edition, with Internet Explorer 9. My husband’s laptop has the same issue, his is Windows 7 Home Professional w/ IE9. The glitch has never bothered me, but I’ve been using your site for a long time and know where your submission and bug links buttons are. I imagine it could be a problem for newcomers, though.


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