Monkey Grasshopper from Peru

Peruvian Grasshopper Photos
January 19, 2012 10:12:38 AM PST
Location:  Peru
Okay, here are pics of a couple of grasshoppers that caught my attention in Peru last November.
1. White-winged Grasshopper. We were birding at km 409.3 on the superb trans-Andean highway Carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry, Dept. Amazonas, northern Peru, east of Abra Patricia Pass in montane evergreen forest, November 7, 2011. Flashes of white in the roadside vegetation caught my attention and, being a lepidopterist, I at first assumed that a moth or white skipper was on the wing. On closer inspection, however, I discovered that it was this grasshopper; while at rest, the grasshopper would quickly flick out its snow white hindwings–too quick for me to photograph–in a presumed territorial or courtship display. When it flew the white wings would again flash, but again too quickly for me to photograph.
You’re welcome to publish these if you see fit.

Monkey Grasshopper

Hi Julian,
Thanks so much for sending your photos.  Interestingly, while trying to identify a Swordtail Butterfly, we found a photo that matched your Grasshopper, and even more interesting, it was in the WTB? archives.  It was identified by Karl as a Monkey Grasshopper or Airplane Grasshopper, and possibly the species
Paramastax nigra.

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