Monarch Butterfly with wings fully spread
Hi Daniel,
Since my Geneva, Illinois garden is quite dead at this time of year, I enjoy going to your website to view all of the beautiful garden visitors from around the world. I noticed, that although you have many pictures of Monarch butterflies on your site, you don’t have a good picture of one with its wings fully spread. This past summer I was finally able to get a shot of a Monarch in full wing spread, and thought you might like a copy for your files. Thanks,

Hi Doris,
Thanks for your wonderful photo, a welcome addition to our archives. As you realize, now that winter is upon us, many of our recent postings are from Australia. We have two Australian Hemipterans to post from yesterday, but we couldn’t resist your kind letter and beautiful photo of a male Monarch Butterfly.

I’m glad that you like the picture. It was not easy to obtain. Monarchs do not keep their wings spread for very long — not more than a few seconds. I had to use the sports mode on my camera, which takes numerous pictures in rapid succession. It took many monarch visits, and hundreds of shutter clicks to get the perfect shot. I am happy that I was able to contribute to your great site. Thanks,

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