Molting Leaf Footed Bug

Subject: What is it?
Location: Ware, massachusetts
July 7, 2014 2:48 pm
We found this little guy in iur back yard! We wanna know if he’s dangerous or harmless? And what on earth type of bug it is? He looked somewhat like a scorpion too us, but 1. Too small and 2. No scorpions around here.
Signature: Thank you so much, Amanda Courchesne

Molting Leaf Footed Bug
Molting Leaf Footed Bug

Dear Amanda,
This is a molting Leaf Footed Bug nymph, and you can see its cast off exoskeleton in the upper right side of the image, which we rotated.  We believe this is a member of the genus
Acanthocephala, probably Acanthocephala terminalis which is pictured on BugGuide.

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