Mole Cricket from Spain

Crustacean like bug
Location:  Biar, Spain
July 27, 2010 4:21 am
I found this bug in the garden, it is about 7cm long and looks a bit like a crayfish but I live in the mountains of Alicante, Spain and there is no water nearby. It walks fairly quickly and my dog is very interested in it. What is it?
Malcolm Robins

Mole Cricket

Hi Malcolm,
This subterranean insect is a Mole Cricket, and though they are found underground, many species can fly quite well, and they are attracted to lights.  We get identification requests from around the world for Mole Crickets, including numerous submissions from the Middle East.

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  1. We have had a mole cricket in our garden & house this evening. Around 8cm long, strong as an ox when it tried to get out of my hand. Then when I put it outside it dig down into our gravel drive. Fascinating creature. Cehegin, Murcia


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