Subject: Big bug in Portugal
Location: West coast of Portugal, near Lisbon, about 20 km from the coast.
November 16, 2015 1:48 am
I found this recently in my garden in Portugal. I’ve never seen anything like it before! Do you know what it is? I have lizards and a salamander in my garden too… wondered if it may have become lunch! I’ve seen praying mantis, fire flies, dragon flies and black beetles, but this chap is unique! About one and a half to two inches long. My garden is walled…did he fly in or get dropped or climb?
Many thanks.
Signature: Sara

Mole Cricket

Mole Cricket

Dear Sara,
Mole Crickets like the one in your image are among our most common worldwide identification requests.  Mole Crickets are subterranean dwellers, so it is possible that this individual recently dug its way to the surface, but some species of Mole Crickets are also capable of flight, so it might have flown to your garden.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

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