Mole Cricket from Australia

Identification Request
April 19, 2010
Hi Daniel,
I’ve got this type of bug that likes to come into my garage / room and I can hear it crawling in on my floor its a scratchy noise and I’m wondering what bug it is and if
it poses any harm. I also wouldn’t mind some info on it just out of interest so I know what I’m dealing with.
Found in: Perth Australia, in my garage
Perth Australia

Mole Cricket

Hi Alastair,
Thank you so much for resending your letter with the photograph attached.  It is virtually impossible for us to try to piece together letters and images that do not all arrive together because of the volume of mail we receive.  This is a Mole Cricket, a creature that is found in many places throughout the world.  We get frequent identification requests with images of Mole Crickets from Iraq and Afghanistan, Australia, and many parts of North America.  Mole Crickets are subterranean dwellers, and some species are capable of flight and are attracted to lights.

2 thoughts on “Mole Cricket from Australia”

  1. Edibility status: yum.
    Mole crickets are particularly enjoyed in Thailand and neighboring countries, and are eaten in other parts of the world. I had some in Thailand, and they’re quite tasty. Of course they were deep-fried, which doesn’t hurt, but I’m pretty sure that even prepared in other ways they’d be good.


  2. Manage to capture 5 of these yesyterday while the grand children were playing on there slip and slide. Whould the moisture on the lawn encourage them to surface.
    We kept them to feed to my grandsons pet bearded dragon.


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