Mole Cricket Carnage from Australia

Subject: mole cricket australia
Location: lower north shore, sydney, nsw, australia
February 14, 2016 1:11 pm
Hi, we found a mole cricket in our living room the other day (sorry to say we killed it, but at the time didn’t know it’s harmless). Since identified this insect thru your site. Great site! I’m amazed at the geographical worldwide spread of these crickets! Thought you might like to know they also occur in urban Sydney, Australia! Feel free to add this comment/photo to your collection !
Signature: josy

Mole Cricket Carnage
Mole Cricket Carnage

Dear Josy,
We are happy you were able to identify your Mole Cricket using our site.  We are also glad to learn that now that you have learned they are harmless, future encounters will have a happier ending.  Mole Crickets really do have a global distribution, and we have many submissions from Australia.

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