Mole Cricket bites April on the Butt!!!

Subject: what is this
Location: fl
April 7, 2015 4:50 pm
I think it bit me on my butt
Signature: april

Mole Cricket Bites April in the Butt!!!
Mole Cricket Bites April on the Butt!!!

Dear April,
Mole Crickets, like the one that might have bitten you on the butt, are normally subterranean dwellers that also fly quite well.  As though that were not enough, we have received numerous reports of Mole Crickets that are able to swim.
  We have received accounts of Mole Cricket sightings from Namibia, Australia, Iraq, Spain, and Hawaii as well of most of North America. We think it is more likely that this Mole Cricket scratched your butt with its strong forelegs which have adapted to digging.

Thank you it sure is ugly

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  1. We found a huge mole cricket – thought it was a mini scorpion! We are in Melbourne, Australia going from Autumn into Winter and he was walking across the garage. Just an FYI.


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