Mole Cricket from Australia

Subject: Land shrimp??!!
Location: Perth, Western Australia
October 24, 2013 9:21 pm
Hi, I heard this little critter crawling across my laminate floor this morning. It was very noisy!! I thought it was a giant cockroach, until closer inspection reveals it looks like a shrimp/earwig/cricket type of bug. Needless to say, I caught it and put it outside. Never ever seen one before. Any ideas??
Location: Perth, Western Australia (less than 1 mile from beach)
Month: October (spring-summer), 25C today
Colour: sandy brown with dark brown head
Length: 5cm approx.
Signature: A. Price

Mole Cricket
Mole Cricket

Dear A. Price,
Mole Crickets like the one you photographed are found in may parts of the world.  They are subterranean dwellers that use their front legs to burrow beneath the surface.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for solving the mystery for me!

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