Subject: weird bug
Location: Gisborne, Victoria, Australia
January 15, 2017 6:43 pm
In Macedon we saw this insect that was about 1.5 inches long, it looks like a bee but with an unusual tail end?
Signature: ?

Mole Cricket

Dear ?,
Since we are a global website, we needed to research your location as it was unknown to us.  We though Gisborne was an unusual name for Macedonia.  We have since learned Gisborne is a town in Victoria, Australia.  This is a Mole Cricket, a commonly sighted subterranean insect found in many locations around the world.

Thank you, yes it is Gisborne Victoria, Australia………..sorry.
Wow very interesting as it could hardly walk as its back feet were just dragging along, it was found under a seat at a cafe and its obviously been disturbed and wanting to get back into the earth.
Thank you again!

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Location: Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

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