Mole Cricket

Big brown, furry bug in Texas
April 10, 2010
I was startled today by this big brown furry bug I saw in the street. The three things I thought it was before I more closely inspected it were a scorpion, spider, or a beetle. However, it is definitely not a spider or a scorpion, Maybe a beetle.
Alex Duenas
Dallas, TX

Mole Cricket

Hi Alex,
We have been getting numerous requests to identify Mole Crickets lately.  Mole Crickets, as their name implies, are subterranean diggers that are also capable of flying.  Sometimes they are attracted to lights.

Thanks. I actually figured it out before you helped me but yea. I would have never guessed it was a cricket. It was much more scary looking than a cricket. I read that they ate rarely seen. Everyone I showed had never seen one so  I guess that’s true. A cricket…haha…and I was afraid to pick it up. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Mole Cricket”

  1. i could never be more thankful….
    the reason that i started looking for insect identification sites was that very same MOLE CRICKET……
    i found it about a month ago…i was terrified by the ugliness of that bug….
    i could not stop thinking about it,so i started searching the web for id sites, since i did not have a photo of it…….and that’s how i met WTB.

  2. What I can’t find an answer about is why these Texas specimen are so furry or fuzzy. The one I saw the other day was as fuzzy as velvet and seemed to have no wings. However, it was just short of two inches long so I don’t know if it is a nymph, either…


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