I found this in my pool
I found this bug in my pool skimmer but I saw another just like it swimming in my pool today. When I came out with my camera it was gone. I couldn’t find one like it on your site. It’s a very good swimmer. It has 6 legs, but uses 4 of them for swimming. Does it bite? Where does it live? Should I be worried?
Brett Hufziger

Hi Brett,
This is a Mole Cricket, and its habitat does not include your swimming pool. It is a subterranean dweller that is probably leaving its burrows, perhaps because of rain, and wandering on the surface. In its surface wanderings, it and its brethren are stumbling into your pool and are unable to get out, with drowning as the ultimate outcome. Mole Crickets have chewing mouthparts and might deliver a slight nip, but we would hardly consider that a bite.

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