Velvet Mite

Red, Very tiny 2 – 3 mm size, and very active.
April 23, 2010
This is a very tiny bug, she have red vivid color, and never stop, always in action, running somewhere. If you touch with a stick or sometling like that, for exeample, with a match, she is suddenly stops and fold the legs, for a while stay put like a death.
Turkey, Istanbul

Running Mite

Hi Arti,
Wow, your photos are gorgeous and so full of detail.  This is a Mite, but alas, we are not experts in Mites, so we cannot tell you anything specific about this Mite.  Many mites like Dust Mites, Food InfestingMites, and Parasitic Mites have bad reputations, but we are confident that this is a predatory species that will not cause you any grief.  Perhaps an acarologist can provide a more concrete response.

Running Mite

Thank you very much for information 🙂 I found an information from my macro photography group, this was a Velvet mite.
sorry for my poor english 🙂

Thanks Arti,
It is quite small for a Velvet Mite, but thanks for providing that information.

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