Subject: tiny green beetle-like bug
Location: Albuquerque, NM
December 23, 2013 5:04 pm
Hi guys!
This tiny guy was crawling across our bathroom floor before we put him outside. He’s actually so small that I thought at first that he was a tick. Closer inspection showed that he looks more like a tiny watermelon with legs. 🙂 We’ve done searches but can’t seem to find any picture that matches closely enough for a 100% positive ID. If you can help satisfy our curiosity, that would be great! Thanks!
Signature: Kathy Kubica


Hi Kathy,
This has to be one of the smallest digital files that has ever been sent to us for identification purposes.  This appears to us to be a Mite.

Thanks, Daniel!
Based on your narrowing down, I went on to search and narrowed it down further to a clover mite (which, while irksome to have discovered in our home, is admittedly far less worrisome than the sort that nosh on animal life). Thanks for the speedy reply!
–Kathy Kubica
PS: The ID file was so small because it was a zero-in crop from an iphone shot. None of our real cameras could focus within the range and flash-glare of the small bathroom paper cup the bug was in. 🙂

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