Subject: This didn’t come out of my husband, did it?!
Location: Toilet in bathroom in Leawood, Kansas
September 21, 2015 5:50 pm
Dear Bugman,
I found this worm-like caterpillar bug in our toilet coiled up and was concerned it came out of my husband who had used the restroom prior to me. We put it in a plastic cup and it is still moving around, spitting up black ink here and there. Thoughts?!
Signature: Concerned about husband in KS 😉

Millipede found in toilet

Millipede found in toilet

Dear Concerned,
You should teach your husband to flush.  This looks like a Millipede, and we suspect it fell into the toilet, but we have researched some Soil Centipedes that are reported to crawl up human gastrointestinal tracts.

Thank you for your response!  Husband seems to be OK and millipede is safely outside of our home’s jurisdiction.

Location: Leawood, Kansas

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