Milkweed Moth Caterpillar

Can You Identify This Caterpillar?
Hi Bugman!
We have a butterfly garden, and I was just surprised to discover about 20 of these hairy orange, black and white caterpillars feeding on some plants out there. They’re small as caterpillars go — about 3/4″. I tried to find some like these on the internet, and I couldn’t, but in the course of trying I did find my way to your great website. Naturally, I’m curious to what these are (and I don’t plan to hurt or move them). Can you assist us in identifying them?
Cathy Whitt
Washington, DC

Of course we can Cathy,
You have Milkweed Moth Caterpillars, Euchaetias egle. The caterpillar is distinctive and unforgettable. This is a common insect, ranging from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and beyond. The caterpillars feed on plants in the milkweed family. The adult moth is creamy white-winged tiger moth with a yellow body. The body has black spots.

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