Subject: Please Help!! Invasion. Pest control has no clue
Location: Pooler, GA (next to Savannah)
April 6, 2016 2:22 pm
Hello, after going through 2 pest control companies we are still invaded by a bug that just won’t go away. From April to about mid October, everyday, we had thousand of the bug in picture. during winter no problem and now for about 2 days they are coming back. Please help identify this bug. They are all over our entrance door.
Signature: Desperate person


Dear Desperate person,
We believe these are Midges, non-biting relatives of Mosquitoes from the family Chironomidae.  The plumose antennae on the individual in the close-up image indicates that is a male Midge. This BugGuide image of a member of the genus
Chironomus looks quite close.  According to BugGuide:  “Larvae are usually found in sediments, and can occur in highly polluted conditions or in relatively clean water. Larvae of the Ch. decorus group, Ch. riparius and Ch. stigmaterus are most often associated with high nutrient/low oxygen conditions.”  Do you live near a pond or swamp?  That might be the source of your problem.


Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have a pond on the back side of my yard and there is a swamp behind the houses across the steer from me. However, from all the houses I was the only one with the bugs 🙁
Hopefully this will help find a fix. Thanks again!!

Hi again Caroline,
If your house is the only one experiencing this problem, try to identify what makes your house different.  The light color paint on the walls and ceiling might be attracting the Midges, so a darker color might not be as attractive to them.  Is there a light that is left on?  That might also be a factor.

No, there is no light on. They actually come during the day and leave at night… We took all our pine straws away and underneath was pretty moist. I am hoping this was the issue. I saw some last week and started to panic at the idea that I would have to see these bugs everyday for the next 6 months. Another thing I noticed is that they do not come after it rained. But 24h after and they are back.

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