Mexican Honey Wasp from Guatemala

Subject: honey wasp
Location: guatemala
December 5, 2016 11:02 am
i would like to know if the wasp on the picture is the honey wasp from mexico, the one that pollinates avocado
Signature: Alejandra Gutiérrez

Honey Wasp
Mexican Honey Wasp

Hi Alejandra,
Our first impression was that this is a Paper Wasp in the subfamily Polistinae, but when we researched the Mexican Honey Wasp,
Brachygastra mellifica, on BugEric, we learned that it is a member of the Paper Wasp subfamily.  Your individual does appear to be a Mexican Honey Wasp.  We have some nice images of the nest of Mexican Honey Wasps in our archives.

Daniel ! Thank you very much for the information you share, it has been very helpful for our research.

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