METAMORPHOSIS: WTB? upgrades for mobile device users

We will be undergoing a Metamorphosis
February 21, 2013
We are planning some upgrades for the next 48 hours that we hope will improve your abilities to use our services in the future.  With more and more of our users communicating to us on phones and iPads, we wanted to create a more user friendly platform for our mobile readership.  We do not anticipate any major interruption to our services, but we anticipate emerging from this transition with a shiny, new appearance that doesn’t differ too radically from the aesthetic we have developed over the years, albeit with more flexibility in the way we can reach you.  Please bear with us through this transition.  We will not be creating any new posts during this transition, however, we will still be receiving your mail.  Thanks for your understanding.
The Bugman

Monarch Butterfly Emerging from its Chrysalis

Update:  February 23, 2013
Well, we appear to have gotten through our transition intact, and we hope that you like the subtle changes to the design and functions of our website.  This posting has already gotten its first comment from some facebook fan who felt compelled to tell the world that Alex “saw big bug” and we now anticipate even poorer grammar and syntax in the ever shorter communications that will come our way.  We wish breathalizers could be installed on cellular telephones and other mobile communication devices because then perhaps communication from afar would be so much more civil once again.  What’s That Bug? does not want to get left behind as the digital revolution makes us ever so more out of touch with reality, but we promise our readership that we will continue to make our postings and comments from an office desktop computer even though that might be considered too old fashioned by all the techies and hipsters now clogging the information superhighway.

Subject: love the new mobile version
March 7, 2013 9:58 pm
Thank you thank you thank you for the new mobile version of your website.  My children and I can now enjoy whatsthatbug when we find ourselves with a few free moments and are away from our home computers.  Bravo!!
Huskers Kim, Rachel and Emma
Signature: Kim


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    • Thank you so much for informing the world that you saw a big bug Alex. Did you take a photo of it? What do you want us to do with this information?


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